Thursday, 17 December 2015

Mini rugby league

On week 10 Term 3 2015, Years 6, 7 and 8 held a mini rugby league tournament on our school fields. Jerome, Jazz, Junior from the Junior Warriors and they were the ones who taught us how to play a minigame of rugby league.

First of all the senior block of our school was play accept room 8
the team that played first was room 10 kids and the teams were Eastside vs QLD. And the team that won was Eastside.

The next game of rugby league was from room 7 and the teams were Junior Warriors vs Warriors. The team the won was team Warriors.

Finally the last game was NSW vs The Crazy horses and these were from room 9 and they were year 7s. The team that won was team NSW.

After that all of the senior block went to hall to get their prices from the Junior Warriors. Rooms 10, 9, 7 got bags, rugby balls, head band and a water bottle. And on the ball it had signatures from the under 21s Warriors team.


Mrs Tofa said...

Hi Dasharn, I know you are a very talented player of this great game. I also like the team names you all chose for your teams. I know you have a very famous stepping move amongst your peers and I think you should keep working on that skill as well as others.

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